Juan L. Andreu

My interest in the Spanish bull has roots as far reaching as my grandfather who watched men die in the arena as well as, of course, hundreds of bulls.

The pivotal importance of the bull in the Spanish tradition and its use as an element of entertainment for the masses is real.

This enormous and powerful animal, like many animals, lives unaware and with no particular interest in the life of humans. But he is brought into the human realm for mans entertainment.

What takes place for brief moments is a beautiful wrestling match of brave and athletic coordination of both man and beast. This dance of unparalleled beauty should end there. Unfortunately, at the conclusion of this struggle, the bulls massive strength is diminished with the spike and flagged arrows piercing his body as punishment and finally with the thrust of three feet of Steel piercing his heart. No creature or being of such majesty should end its life in such a show.

All this is in my mind with every bull I have modeled or painted. I introduce at times the bull as witness to the human social realm where the beast is more sensible and sensitive than man. Observing and studying the bull, I found the thousands of possibilities still to be discovered depicting the magnificence of the animal.